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Pillar Point Harbor

One of the most spectacular harbors on the West Coast, Pillar Point Harbor is a protected harbor of refuge along the San Mateo County California Coast. Pillar Point Harbor is home port to a vital commercial fishing industry, to sport fishermen, and to pleasure boaters seeking the amenities this modern coastal harbor facility provides. The Harbor has 369 berths and an inner and outer breakwater, making it one of the safest harbors in the United States.  The harbor is home to wonderful sea food restaurants, including Mezza Luna, Ketch Joanne, Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, and Princeton Seafood. 

Search and Rescue Operations
Pillar Point is unique because it provides search and rescue services to all boaters. Over the past two decades, its dedicated crew performed an average of 110 rescues annually, saved more than 100 lives, and millions of dollars in boats and equipment.

Commercial Fishing
Pillar Point Harbor represents a commercial fishing and visitor-serving facility. The San Mateo County Harbor District has made a major investment in breakwaters, berthing and launching facilities, and pollution-preventing equipment upgrades.

Gateway to the Gulf of the Farallones 
National Marine Sanctuary

Marine Sanctuary waters can be accessed from Pillar Point Harbor for diverse activities including whale watching, fishing, recreational boating and kayaking.

Huli Cat is on Dock H, at the end of the pier on the left. 
See Harbor Map below for exact location.  For a visual reference, see the Harbor Photo above.
Princeton by the Sea Map

Map to Princeton Harbor


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