Rockfish open April 1 and runs through December 31.  We are able to fish up to 50 fathoms below Pigeon Point, 40 fathoms above Pigeon Point.  2 hooks per rockfish rig, that could be shrimpflies, or a leadhead, or bar and a teaser.

Salmon opens April 6 below Pigeon Point and opens April 13 above Pigeon Point, usually ends the end of October.  Trolling is most common.  Use a 7' rod with 20 lbs test line, a sinker release, leader about 7', then either a baited barbless hook or lures such as Crocodile, Apex, Coyote or hoochie.  Weights are usually 2 1/2 lb or 3 lb.  Maximum permitted by law is 4 lb.

January thru March Huli Cat will target Sand dabs and Petrale sole.  Generally we have sand dab crab combo trips at that time.  Figure on fishing in roughly 300' of water.  Braid helps if you have it, 20 or 30 lb braid is preferable.  Sabiki rigs tipped with squid fish well.

Dungeness crab for recreationals opens the first Saturday in November and runs thru the middle of April.  Many like the fishing and crab combo trips.

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