Crab Fishing or Crab Combo Trips
November into March


Dungeness Crab is caught from November to about April.  You may go for a trip for crab only, or crab may be combined with other fishing (Rockfish, Squid, or Salmon).  The Huli Cat has a hydraulic block and gear to assist in bringing up crab pots.

Occasionally, we drop shrimp pots for Coonstripe Shrimp or Spot Prawns (
Spot Prawns are the best eating and best selling seafood on the market). Some anglers choose to take the crabs home to cook.  Huli Cat has and arrangement with Princeton Seafood, in Pillar Point Harbor.  Princeton Seafood will cook, crack and clean your crabs for $2 each.  You go home with fresh crab, ready to eat!


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